Why You Should Buy Used in Woodbridge

When you enter the market for a work truck, cargo or passenger van, brand new models can often be tempting. Little do shoppers know, buying a new vehicle doesn't actually come with as many perks as you might think. You may have the newest features... but your monthly payment will definitely reflect it. Why not shop for a used vehicle from Palmery Motors in Woodbridge?

Why should you buy used? Two reasons: value and affordability.

New vehicles can lose up to 19% of their value in just the first year of ownership alone. Used vehicles, on the other hand, have already taken the value hit. That means when you buy a used vehicle, it's primed and ready to hold its resale value at a much stronger rate.

Used vehicles are also more affordable! And we're not just talking about the lower purchase price. You'll generally find that registration fees and insurance rates are also lower for used vehicles.

Make a smart decision and go used! Start by browsing our used vehicle inventory, and then arrange for a test drive today at Palmery Motors!

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