Act Quickly When an Exhaust Leak Occurs

An exhaust leak can be more than just an annoyance when it causes a lot of noise, it can also become a safety hazard. The exhaust system was designed by the auto manufacturer to move poisonous fumes away from your engine, as well as keeping them out of the interior of your vehicle.

Often times, an exhaust leak can be identified in the early stage. The first indicator is a small popping or hissing sound that comes from the exhaust system. However, if you hear a whistling or high-pitched sound, that is an indication of a restriction in the exhaust system. If you hear any of these sounds, you want to have a technician inspect the system as soon as possible.

Palmery Motors has qualified and trained technicians at our service department in Woodbridge, ON. Be sure to schedule an online appointment as soon as you discover any sign of an exhaust leak!
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