Tips to Avoid Hydroplaning During Heavy Rain

Hydroplaning is a dangerous situation that can occur in Woodbridge when you lose control of your car because of too much water between the wheels and the road. When hydroplaning occurs, it feels like you can't steer or brake properly, a situation made even more frightening by the slickness of the wet road.

Fortunately, taking extra caution when driving will help reduce the chances of hydroplaning. If you notice a lot of water on the road, slow your car gradually as sudden deceleration can cause your vehicle to hydroplane. Drive five to 10 miles per hour below the posted speed limit when you are in a downpour

Another way that you can avoid hydroplaning is to buy high-quality tires. The service department at Palmery Motors can advise you on what type of tires are right for your vehicle as well as tell you when you should replace them for safety.

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