Symptoms of a Worn or Broken Timing Belt

A car’s timing belt sometimes breaks without notice. However, under normal use and circumstances, a timing belt will gradually wear or stretch over a long period. A worn timing belt develops symptoms which a knowledgeable owner will detect.

  • Your timing belt runs through a series of pulleys that hold the belt in place and maintain tension so that it does not slip. If you hear a slight ticking noise that sounds like it is coming from inside the engine, that is the telltale sound of a slipping timing belt.
  • The timing belt connects the crankshaft and the camshaft to coordinate the up and down motion of the pistons with the opening and closing of the valves. When your engine refuses to turn over despite your starter’s efforts, then a piston is lodged against an open valve indicating a broken timing belt.

When you notice either of these symptoms, contact Palmery Motors to schedule a timing belt replacement.

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