How to Maintain Your Car During the Hectic Back to School Season

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At Palmery Motors, we believe that every car owner should know how to properly take care of their car. After all, it is only through understanding something that you are able to properly use it. For this reason, we will give you a series of tips for keeping your car in top condition during the hectic back to school season.

Keep an eye out for warning lights, they aren't there for decoration. If you've been seeing a light for some time, don't let it sit any longer. Get it looked into before a serious problem comes up. Keep safety gear in the car such as a set of jumper cables, a flashlight, some gloves, and perhaps even some nonperishable foodstuffs and water, in case you break down in a remote location and have to wait for help to arrive.

If your car needs repairs, then we welcome you to come down to Palmery Motors, which is conveniently located in Woodbridge. Our experienced technicians will gladly take a look under the hood and remedy the situation.


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