Choosing Between All-Weather Floor Mats vs. Carpet

Your friends at Palmery Motors want to help you keep the inside of your vehicle as clean and new in appearance as the exterior. Here are a few reasons to choose the all-weather floor mats or carpeting.

The all-weather floor mats are perfect for the driver who brings home their work inside the car each day by way of dirt, grime, and debris. To clean the mats, a simple once-over with a hose and the interior looks like new again.

If you like to keep the inside of the vehicle spotless, then carpeting is the way to go. Not only can you have something embroidered in the carpeting, you have a bigger selection as far as colors and you can choose from a number of materials that give the vehicle a fresh look.

When you are in need of accessories for your vehicle, don't hesitate to come to Palmery Motors so we can order them for you.




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