Pros and Cons of Lifting Your Truck

Lifting trucks has been popular with truck drivers for many years, whether they do it themselves or with commercial lift kits. Drivers use lifting kits for appearance, performance and functionality. If you’ve been considering a lift kit and have questions, stop and see us at our truck service center in Woodbridge and let our professionals offer suggestions.

There are pros and cons to lifting your truck, so you can weigh the differences and make an informed decision.

Pros of Lifting Your Truck Include:

  1. Easier towing
  2. Better visibility
  3. Less chance of getting stuck
  4. Lift kits are inexpensive
  5. Improve off-road driving

Cons of Lifting Your Pickup Truck Include:

  1. More difficult to handle on sharp corners
  2. May void warranty on the vehicle
  3. Decreased fuel economy
  4. More expensive tires
  5. Time-consuming to install

Whether you’re in the market for a lift kit or have some other automotive need, we are here to help. Visit us in Woodbridge or call to book a service appointment today.

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