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Buying a Commercial Truck During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Buying a Commercial Truck During the Coronavirus Outbreak

It is difficult to buy a vehicle during a global pandemic. Dealerships are shut down, social distancing rules are in place, and nobody really wants to leave their house. However, that does not mean that the world stops turning. Businesses still need to run. People still need to work and shop. Both individuals and companies still need to buy vehicles for use. Personal vehicles, motorhomes, trailers, commercial trucks, and more are still being sold during the coronavirus outbreak in British Columbia at Palmery Motors.


Buying a Trailer, Commercial Truck, or Other Vehicle in British Columbia


Palmery Motors is open for business during the coronavirus crisis. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing risk of COVID-19, Palmery has shut down its sales lot. However, that does not mean that the dealership is shuttered, and it is impossible to buy a vehicle. Palmery Motors sells motorhomes, commercial trucks, passenger vehicles, trailers, and more in British Columbia, even when everything else is shut down due to coronavirus. Palmery Motors serves the Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and Woodbridge area and is well-known for their high-quality standards.


What's for Sale at Palmery Motors

Palmery Motors offers a wide variety of used commercial trucks at amazing prices. They offer a wide variety, including cargo vans, cube vans, sprinter vans, refrigerated vans, straight trucks, dump trucks, pick-up trucks, bucket and utility trucks, cranes, and more from respected manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Nissan, and more.
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How to Buy

While sales lots are closed to walk-in traffic for the foreseeable future, Sales offices remain open for purchases over the telephone or over the Internet. No matter what vehicle a person or corporation needs, Palmery is still available to assist. Professionalism and experience are not just conveyed in person; they are found in every interaction between salesperson and prospective buyer. That extends beyond a handshake and test drive--it goes through telephone calls about what vehicles are on the lot, email exchanges about the pricing of vehicles, and more. At Palmery Motors, experienced professionals provide impeccable, no-pressure service. Simply call or go online to see their inventory and get started on the buying process.



Financing a Commercial Truck During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Palmery Motors offers financing and leasing options on all models in their inventory. No matter the credit score, Palmery Motors can find a loan term and rate that fits a buyer's needs. The dealership also offers commercial leasing for businesses of all sizes. This is especially helpful for small businesses looking to, or needing to, expand their operations during the outbreak.

Buying a new vehicle during a global pandemic might seem strange, but life continues in many normal ways during this time. Businesses need vehicles to meet customer needs, and people need to buy personal vehicles as well, especially if their previous vehicles aren't providing the reliability necessary to get them to their essential jobs or meet their personal needs during the coronavirus crisis. Even in this strange new world, Palmery Motors can get drivers into the vehicles they need.

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