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Cargo Van vs. Truck: Which is Right for You?

Cargo Van vs. Truck: Which is Right for You?

While cargo vans and pickup trucks have many similar capabilities, they are also quite different in many respects, as well. Each usually has ample room for moving large loads, excellent towing capacities, and the ability to handle cargo in a way that no car or SUV could. The open bed and off-road capabilities of pickup trucks make them perfect for certain situations, while a van's covered cargo area makes it the right fit for other jobs. Here's a quick rundown on the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Cargo Van vs Pickup Truck: Advantages & Disadvantages

The Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks generally offer more room and power than cargo vans. They usually come with bigger engines and better towing capacity, especially the heavy-duty models. Because of their open beds, pickups also handle cargo that won't fit in the average van. The pickup also wins when it comes to passenger room, with some crew-cab configurations seating up to six people. The open bed of a pickup truck makes loading and unloading cargo much more manageable in some circumstances, as well.


Pickup trucks also handle the back-roads much better than cargo vans. Many new pickup trucks come standard with 4x4 drivetrains, selectable drive modes for different terrains, and suspensions made for rugged, unpaved roads. Campers, builders, and adventure seekers use pickup trucks to reach places off-limits to other vehicles. Some people even buy pickups for the lifestyle statement they make, in the same way, one might buy a luxury import or a hybrid car.

Cargo Van vs Pickup Truck: Pros and Cons

The Cargo Van

While some situations demand the flexibility and power only found in a pickup, a cargo van offers some unique benefits, as well. The enclosed nature of a van provides security for expensive cargo or tools. The cargo van also keeps perishables out of the elements. Many food haulers retrofit their vans with refrigeration, an option not available to pickup truck owners.


Comfort is another reason to opt for a van over a pickup truck. Vans, on average, ride considerably smoother, handle better, and have a more car-like feel, that owners appreciate at the end of a long day in traffic.


A cargo van also allows for a much higher degree of job-specific customization than a pickup truck. Many contractors and professionals set up their vans with storage boxes, shelves, and drawers that make finding tools and parts quick and easy. Plumbers, for example, keep thousands of fittings, that require a high degree of organization, on their trucks. The cargo van also allows easy access from the cab, a feature that comes in handy on cold and rainy days.


The Bottom Line: Cargo Van vs. Truck

Overall, today's pickup trucks and cargo vans share the ability to carry large loads, offer excellent towing capability, and feature quiet, comfortable, and modern interiors. For towing, hauling heavy loads, or carrying passengers, the pickup truck has a definite edge over the cargo van. For many buyers, a pickup truck also makes a statement, good or bad, about who they are. For organization or carrying expensive or perishable cargo that needs to remain safe and dry, the cargo van wins hands down.


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