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Conventional or Synthetic Motor Oil in My Truck?

Conventional or Synthetic Motor Oil in My Truck?

Your engine is made up of several moving parts. In order to ensure that these parts do not overheat or become damaged, they need to be properly lubricated with motor oil. There are a few different types of motor oil to choose from. In order to help you better understand which oil may be best for your vehicle, here is a look at some of the motor oil options that are available.


Conventional Motor Oil


Conventional oil is probably one of the most common types of oil that people use for their vehicles. The main reason that conventional motor oil is so popular is that it usually has a much smaller price tag than the other motor oils that are available. 


The downside to conventional motor is that it is a crude-based oil which means that it can contain a lot of impurities which could be harmful to your motor. All conventional oil that is sold today has several additives in it to help reduce the number of impurities. And while these additives have drastically cut down on the number of impurities, they do not completely eliminate all of them.


Another problem with conventional oil is the fact that it breaks down very quickly. This means if your truck has conventional oil, it is vital that you remember to change the oil regularly. For this reason, most people choose conventional oil for their vehicles that are not expected to have to travel long distances.




Full Synthetic Motor Oil


Synthetic oils are made from more refined materials that help to reduce sludge and build up. This oil has a wider viscosity range and is preferred by drivers who plan on taking their trucks on several long-distance drives.


The oil is also preferred by people who live in extremely warm or extremely cold climates. Synthetic oil has also been known to improve a truck's fuel efficiency and horsepower and is the ideal oil for trucks that are primarily used for hauling and towing heavy loads.


Synthetic Blend Motor Oil


A synthetic blend motor oil gives you all of the benefits that both conventional and full synthetic motor oils have to offer. It offers plenty of the same benefits that synthetic offers and costs considerably less than full synthetic oil typically cost.


Synthetic oil is a mixture of both conventional and full synthetic oil. This means that the oil does well in extreme temperatures and also has some additives to help to reduce some of the impurities. Many people who are thinking about switching their vehicles from conventional oil to full synthetic oil will try a synthetic blend first.


Both full synthetic and conventional motor oil have their advantages and disadvantages. If you have any questions about which motor oil would be right for your truck, please don't hesitate to contact us today.


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