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Online Finance Tools for Commercial Trucks During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Online Finance Tools for Commercial Trucks During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Buying a new vehicle is stressful--finding the right size vehicle, the most reliable model, the best fuel economy, the loan that fits in your monthly budget, etc. There are so many finance tools to determine the right loan and budget for commercial trucks or personal vehicles, but none of them take into account that a global pandemic is happening right outside the door.

Vehicle Financing in a Digital Age

Perhaps one of the good things about the coronavirus crisis is that it happened in 2020, a truly digital and virtual age. So many things can be accomplished without ever physically stepping foot in a business or meeting a person face-to-face. Many people work on global teams where they see their coworkers on the computer screen but have never met them in person. Many others shop for vehicles online and determine what works best for them without stepping foot in a dealership. The same can be said for finding the right loan by comparing online finance tools for commercial trucks and vehicles.

Financial Expertise

Palmery Motors has on-site financial experts that can assist every step of the way during a vehicle purchase. However, with sales lots closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, buyers cannot go on site to discuss loan terms and options! This might pose a problem for some dealerships, but Palmery Motors has a completely online, easy financing approval application for buyers. Their quick and easy financing program can get prospective buyers approved in no time.

Loan Options

Over the telephone or by email, the team of commercial vehicle finance experts at Palmery Motors can assist buyers in completing the application process, get the best possible loan terms, and get on the road as soon as possible. By financing a vehicle at Palmery Motors, buyers can get low rates on commercial truck and vehicle financing, customized payment plans, quick approvals regardless of credit score, and dedicated specialists assisting with every step in the process.
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Information for Loan Applications

Applying for a vehicle loan is not difficult or time consuming, but it will require a variety of information. Applicants will need to enter personal information, including how long they have lived at an address, their average rent or mortgage payment, their employment and employer information, and more. Palmery Motors keeps this information private, only sharing it with authorized banking institutions approved by applicants in order to find the best loan rates and terms.

Buying and Financing a Vehicle During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The world is going through an unprecedented time; a global pandemic has not occurred in over a century, and no one knows what to expect. The best anyone can do is adapt and continue on with life, and that is what Palmery Motors is doing. By providing online financing tools and applications, Palmery Motors is enabling prospective buyers to easily apply for loans, get approval, and start shopping for vehicles that will fit within their budgets. A global pandemic does not have to stop commerce, it just changes it a little.



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