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Ford vs Chevrolet Trucks

Ford vs Chevrolet Trucks

Two of the undisputed leaders in the pickup truck market are Chevrolet and Ford. With several models each, both manufacturers offer top quality and high performance in their trucks. It can be hard determining which truck is right for you because they offer very similar specifications. Look at the comparison below to see which manufacturer might have an edge over the competition.





Chevrolet pickup truck models include the compact Colorado and the full-size Silverado.


  • Chevrolet Colorado - The Colorado offers many best-in-class accolades, such as fuel consumption (7.9L/100km highway), horsepower (308 hp with available 3.6L V6 engine), and towing (3,493kg).
  • Chevrolet Silverado - Available in 1500, LD, and HD models, the Silverado has many different trims to allow you to create the right truck for your job. The 1500 model alone has eight distinct trims offering unique designs and capabilities.


Ford recently brought back the smaller-sized Ranger as a complement to the full-size F150 and the even larger Super Duty.


  • Ford Ranger - Three trim levels of the Ford Ranger each offer 11.8 city and 9.8 highway L/100km fuel consumption ratings. Built for toughness, this truck has four selectable drive models including Normal, Sand, Mud/Ruts, and Grass/Gravel/Snow to manage the terrain both on and off road.
  • Ford F-150 - Making tough tasks look easy, the Ford F-150 offers seven different trim levels for a high-strength aluminum-alloy body and steel frame that adds up to a best-in-class payload rating.
  • Ford Super Duty - There are 18 different options for Ford F-250, F-350, and F-450 Super Duty models. No matter what job you need to tackle, the Ford Super Duty will help maximize your productivity.




Both Chevrolet and Ford pickup trucks offer attractive, stylish, and functional cabin designs full of comfort and technology. The use of hard plastics in the F-150 makes the cabin feel boxier than it should for such a sleek design. On the other hand, the Chevrolet Silverado has an attractive design, but it doesn't look as upscale as the F-150. Ford edges out Chevrolet in the interior category, thanks to the use of higher quality materials and technology, even if it doesn't get everything quite right.




One of the most important considerations when purchasing a new truck is the price. The $27,000 base price for the Chevrolet Silverado is significantly below the $32,000 base price tag for the Ford Ranger. While different models and upgrades will increase those prices, Chevrolet already has a $5,000 advantage over Ford. In the full-size truck category, Ford slightly edges out Chevrolet with the $29,000 base price tag on the F-150, compared with the $30,600 base price of the Silverado. For a compact truck, you will likely save thousands by choosing Chevrolet. For full-size, Ford might give you some savings.




Reliability is important no matter what, but it is doubly important if you are using your truck for work purposes, including towing equipment or driving in remote locations. Over the past several years, Chevrolet has demonstrated increased reliability while Ford has not had as much luck in the mechanical department.


Overall, Chevrolet's trucks offer better performance, increased reliability, and competitiveness in pricing, especially in the compact pickup category. But in the end, the right truck choice in the Chevrolet vs. Ford debate is the one that gets the job done for you.


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