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Most Reliable Cargo Vans: Our Top 5

Most Reliable Cargo Vans: Our Top 5

As you prepare to purchase a cargo van, you want to make sure you get the one that will be reliable for your business. Whether you are a roofer or an electrician or some other small business contractor, you want practicality and reliability in your cargo van. Let's take a look at the top 5 most reliable cargo vans in Toronto, Ontario and see which one will suit your needs best.

Ford Transit Vans for Sale in Ontario

Ford Transit

This cargo van is one of the more popular ones around. With a spacious cargo area and different options for the ceiling height, you're sure to be content with how you can set up your business in the van. With one option, you can even get an interior cargo height of 81.5 inches (ca. 2 m), which is the most of any cargo van. Interior cargo space is 487.3 cubic feet (ca. 14 m³).


The engine will impress you with its 266-horsepower driven on a 3.7-L V6 engine. Or you can opt for the turbo boost engine and get better gas mileage. It can haul approximately 6,100 lbs. The starting price for this van is around $31,000.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Cargo Van in Ontario

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Sprinter is a spacious cargo van offering plenty of room and options. You can choose from two different body styles and roof heights. Cargo interior height reaches 76.4-in while the cargo space reaches nearly 190 cu ft (5.38 m³).


The standard engine on the Sprinter is a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbodiesel that delivers 208 horsepower with a 7-speed automatic transmission. There are other engine options, as well. This van will haul your supplies up to 5,000 lbs.


The Mercedes is the priciest of the cargo vans with prices starting at $34,000 for the base model.

RAM ProMaster for Sale in Ontario

Ram ProMaster

This van boasts a 3.6-litre V6 engine that brings 280 horsepower, or you can choose the 3.0-L 4-cylinder diesel engine that delivers 174 horsepower. This Ram is a Pro at hauling too; it can take up to 5,100 lbs.


Interior cargo space is 463 cubic feet (ca. 13 m³), which is almost as roomy as the Ford Transit.

Chevrolet Express Cargo Van for Sale in Ontario

Chevrolet Express

The Chevy Express is known for its low maintenance and reliability. It also hauls a load of close to 7,000 lbs. It boasts a 4.3-L V6 engine with 276 horsepower.


You'll find enough cargo space in the Express with 239.7 cubic feet (ca. 7 m³), although it is less than some others. It is still a roomy enough van and holds up with little need for repair.

Nissan NV Cargo Van for sale in Ontario

Nissan NV

This full-size cargo van is different from the Nissan NV200, which is smaller. The NV version has a 4.0-L V6 or 5.6-L V8, which means they are less fuel-efficient. However, if you're looking for towing capacity, you'll certainly get it with the Nissan NV. It can haul up to 9,500!


Cargo space is another bonus feature of this bigger cargo van. The interior cargo height provides 55.8 in. with the high roof option and the interior space is an impressive 76.9 in.


Ready to Find Your Next Cargo Van?

Any of these vans would make an excellent addition to your business. When looking for cargo vans for sale in the Toronto, Ontario area, stop by Palmery Motors to see our huge selection.

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