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The Difference in Several Types of Truck Bed Liners

The Difference in Several Types of Truck Bed Liners

The team here at Palmery Motors wanted to help educate our audience as to the differences in truck bed liners. Take a look at the different varieties of truck bed liners for sale near you, and let our auto service professionals help you get the most from your pickup experience.

The drop-in bed liner is made of strong plastic and molded to fit exactly in the specific make and model truck. Once secure, the plastic will absorb impacts for years, and can easily be replaced if suffering much damage. The spray-on bed liner is like undercoating material, and coats the bed surface with a protectant that lasts for years and is permanent. This liner can not be removed, so choose carefully.

The bed mats or bed rugs are exactly what you imagine, material that sits on the bed and offers a lesser amount of protection, but can be removed easily if it needs to be cleaned. Now that you know how to protect the bed, call our Woodbridge truck dealership and we can help protect the rest of your truck with a routine inspection.

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