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Understanding the Different Styles of Truck Cabs

Understanding the Different Styles of Truck Cabs

At Palmery Motors, we want our customers to be as satisfied as possible with their new or used truck purchase. That's why it's important to know about the four different styles of truck cabs available.

Standard truck cabs, also known as regular cabs, feature two doors and can accommodate no more than two extra passengers. Quad cabs, also called super cabs, feature two normally functioning front doors and two back suicide doors that open only when the front doors are opened. This style of cab offers a small extra row of seats. The crew or double cab is a full four door cab, opening up to two full rows of seats. It offers more interior space and leg room. The fourth cab style is the mega or crewmax cab, featuring four extra large doors and maximum leg room space both front and rear. Come in soon to test drive a truck today!



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